Northern Lottery has become one of the most popular games in Vietnam, attracting millions of participants every day. With the development of technology, the Northern lottery has become more diverse and convenient than ever. But do you understand this game clearly? In this article, we will explore more deeply about the Northern lottery, from its history to how to play and its special features. Let's Nhà cái Ww88 Learn to not simply play something but also gain interesting knowledge!

History of the birth of the Northern lottery

Xổ số miền Bắc considered an improved version of the traditional lottery game, appeared in the 1980s in Vietnam. However, this game does not stop at the entertainment level but also has a social nature because it is considered a way for people to contribute to social funds and help difficult situations.

Before 2016, the Northern lottery was only held one day a week – Sunday. However, from 2016 onwards, the Northern lottery has expanded to two days a week – Tuesday and Saturday. This created diversity and attracted more participants.

How to play Northern lottery


Northern Lottery has a total of 7 prizes, from the special prize to the 7th prize. This division of prizes makes it easier to guess the correct results and can also increase your chances of winning.

How to play

To play the Northern lottery, you need to choose 6 numbers from 01 to 45. If you do not want to choose yourself, you can choose "random selection" mode to let the computer choose for you. Then, you will have to bet on each number with a value from 10,000 VND to 100,000 VND depending on the organizer's regulations. When the results are announced, if you hit all 6 numbers you will win a special prize. If you win less, you will win other prizes depending on the number of numbers guessed correctly.

How to check results

Northern lottery results are announced live on television and can also be checked on the organizers' official websites or mobile applications. If you register an account, you can save your guesses for later comparison.

Special things of the Northern lottery

Especially about the only day of the week

Before expanding to two days a week, the Northern lottery only held one day – Sunday. This created a special event for both players and organizers. On Sunday, a large number of people will gather at ticket sales points to wait for the results and hope to win big prizes.

Especially about numbers

The numbers in the Northern lottery are not simply numbers but also have their own meaning. Specifically, number 18 is considered a lucky number, number 13 has a negative meaning and is often avoided when betting. These numbers have created something special and created interesting stories related to lottery playing.

Especially about calculations

One of the most special things about the Northern lottery is the method of calculating results. Instead of simply choosing lucky numbers, this game also requires players to calculate to bet effectively. This has created attraction and challenges for players and is also one of the outstanding features of the Northern lottery.

Frequently asked questions about the Northern lottery

Is the Northern lottery safe?

The Northern Lottery is strictly organized and managed by the state, ensuring accuracy and transparency of results. So you can completely feel secure when participating in this game.

What is the way to win in the Northern lottery?

There is no general formula to win in the Northern lottery. However, you can improve your chances of winning by calculating carefully and choosing highly random numbers.

How to check Northern lottery results?

Northern lottery results can be checked live on television or on the official websites of the organizers. If you register an account, you can also check your previously predicted results.

Can I play the Northern lottery online?

Currently, there are many websites and mobile applications that allow you to play the Northern lottery online. However, make sure you choose reputable and trustworthy websites and apps.

How to pay when playing the Northern lottery online?

Websites and apps allow payments using different methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets or credit cards. Choose the payment method that suits you and ensure the security of your personal information.


The Northern lottery game has become one of the most popular games and attracts many Vietnamese people. With diversity in prizes and ways of playing, the Northern lottery has created challenges and attractions for players. Hopefully through this article, you have a better understanding of this game and have more knowledge to participate in lucky races